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Pulp and paper center business varieties
品名 Specification and model Country of origin
Alabama Bleached needle pulp 美国
Albert Bleached needle and broadleaf pulp Canada
宝水 Bleached needle pulp 美国
North Star Coniferous pulp 瑞典
北木 Bleached needle pulp Canada
布针 Bleached needle pulp Russia
灯塔 Bleached needle pulp 美国
Peace River Bleached needle and broadleaf pulp Canada
金狮 Bleached needle pulp Canada
金星 Intrinsic paste 智利
Calabine Bleached needle and broadleaf pulp 巴西
Kelip Bleached needle pulp Canada
Cotteras Intrinsic paste Russia
昆河 Coniferous pulp Canada
龙威 Roll book color paste 美国
绿叶 Bleached broadleaf pulp 印尼
GP Bleached roll needle pulp 美国
马牌 Bleached needle pulp Canada
米德 Roll book color paste 美国
明星 Bleached broadleaf pulp 智利
芬宝 Bleached needle pulp 芬兰
Rose River Coniferous pulp 瑞典
麒麟 Bleached broadleaf pulp Uruguay
月亮 Bleached needle pulp Canada
中越 Bleached broadleaf wet pulp 日本
竹浆   国产
福乐 Coniferous pulp 挪威
Bagasse pulp   泰国
Syasky Partially bleached pulp Russia
好声 Bleached needle pulp Canada
三菱 Bleached broadleaf pulp 日本
三针 Bleached coniferous broadleaf pulp Yunnan cloud landscape
石头 Bleached needle pulp 美国
Pacific Bleached needle pulp 智利
乌针 Bleached needle pulp Russia
Acacia microphylla Bleached broadleaf pulp 印尼
小鸟 Bleached broadleaf pulp 巴西
雪山 Coniferous pulp NZ
银星 Bleached needle pulp 智利
鹦鹉 Bleached broadleaf pulp 巴西

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